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This luxurious feeling CBD oil cream is the one used in our Muscle Melt massage treatments. It is a slow infusion of Hemp flower and other skin supporting herbs in coconut oil, Jojoba seed oil, and meadowfoam seed oil which is then mixed with natural emulsifiers which create a non greasy "oil cream" that won't stain clothing. A little goes a long way in providing topical pain relief. It is a potent 365 mg of Full Spectrum CBD per container. 

CBD Muscle Melt Luxe Oil Cream 1.5oz

  • *virgin coconut oil, *fractionated coconut oil, *sunflower seed oil, *jojoba oil, *meadowfoam seed oil, slow infused with (*hemp flower, *arnica flower, *ginger root, *licorice root, cinnamon, cardamom, *black pepper) cetyl alcohol (plant wax), btms- 50 (plant derived), dimethicone, vitamin E oil, *rosemary e oil, *lemon e oil, *geranium e oil, vetiver e oil, *peppermint e oil, *certified organic

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